Analyze text messages

Make your SMS data work for you

Levity sorts through incoming SMS messages, giving your employees more time with customers.
Make your SMS data work for you

Why bother?

Let’s face it. Online marketing is no easy task. You have to manage channels, content, operations, and analytics. Not to mention all those messages you’ve been putting off.

Yet SMS marketing is proven to be more critical than ever, with Garter showing that companies are getting open rates of 98 percent. With Levity, you can get the most out of your SMS data. You can manage outgoing responses as well as incoming messages.

Our software automatically detects the sentiment, intent, and urgency, regardless of the data type or name. It merely looks at the content and applies one of the tags you’ve specified before.

Automation doesn’t mean you lose touch with your customers. With a customer model, finding the right employer for each reply, request, and complaint has never been easier. Get back to your customers with Levity.

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends


Handle vast quantities of data in seconds

No programming needed

Organize, structure and classify data to deliver meaningful results – effortlessly

Improved CX

Don't let important follow-ups slip through

Rise above mundane tasks