Content moderation

Get started with AI-assisted content moderation

Levity scans through images and text in a blink of an eye so your content moderation team can focus on ambivalent cases and get things done.
Get started with AI-assisted content moderation

Why bother?

Content moderation is non-negotiable for any modern organization that handles user-generated images or text. Despite digitization, most companies still employ humans to do this time-consuming and mentally exhausting work.

Hate speech, NSFW, or explicit content often require assigning tickets that often have to be context-oriented and go beyond hash matching. Whether your platform requires content moderation that is language-specific or responds to certain cultural norms, machines can assist these activities by pre-filtering, tagging, prioritizing - you name the rules, and let them do the work.

You can fully customize our AI-driven content moderation model to interpret the user-generated image or text on platforms and flag inappropriate content, thereby improving user experience. Our human-in-the-loop mechanism automatically sends all ambivalent cases through to your team.

The best part? Contrary to conventional content processing, our algorithms do not require a lengthy and expensive setup. Either use one of our pre-trained models for standard cases or upload a few examples for the category you wish to detect.

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends


Let the machines do the work


Deal with edge-cases fast

Peace of mind

Let nothing fall through the cracks

Rise above mundane tasks