A quick tour of what makes Levity special

Made for unstructured data

We work with all data formats – except structured data. Why? Most inefficiencies are buried in how you are working with these files and there are no great solutions out there.


No code by design

You can access the whole functionality of Levity without having to write software. Of course, you can also access our API directly.

Train model animation

Integrated with your tools

We are aware that you are using a bunch of different tools and our software would be of little use without them. We are constantly adding pre-built integrations and we can build new ones relatively quickly. If you want to discuss your need, just drop us a note.

End to end (and fast, too)

You can handle everything that's needed in our web application: Data upload & labeling, training, testing, integration and maintenance. You don't need to worry about performance either because it all scales automatically for you.

Rise above mundane tasks

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