Gero Keil

Co-Founder & CEO

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Mapping the no-code AI landscape

A while ago we realized how powerful no-code AI truly is – and we thought it would be a good idea to map out the players on the field.

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colabel becomes Levity

We changed our brand name from colabel to Levity to better reflect the nature of our product. Our co-founder shares how it all came about.

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The next wave of automation

The next wave of automation will be led by tools that can process unstructured data, have open connections, and focus on end-user experience.

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Why we take a big bet on no-code

Our machine learning is designed such that it can be used without programming. Here is why we made this decision.

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5 major reasons why every business benefits from automating processes

Are you still skeptical about the benefits process automation can bring to your business? Take a look at this article.

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Why we are selective about early signups

We are very restrictive about our early signups. And we wish we didn't have to but we do – here is why.

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Can small companies compete on the AI stage?

No code technologies are democratizing access to AI. With the right approach, small companies can leverage them and level the playing field.

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