Use Cases

Levity is the right tool when it comes to unstructured data: If your process requires you to deal with images, text, or documents, that's where other tools will go on strike.

With that out of the way, here are some examples for inspiration.
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Image processing

Content moderation

Levity scans through images and text in a blink of an eye so your content moderation team can focus on ambivalent cases and get things done.
Image processing

Insurance claims processing

Use Levity to examine claims and automate documentation even before they reach your team.
Image processing

Quality inspection

With Levity, you can identify defects in your production lines early so you can achieve high-quality standards at a fraction of the cost.
Image processing

Auto-tag real estate images

Train your custom AI model to automatically analyze and detect thousands of images such as room type, home features, furniture quality, and more!
Document processing

Tag email attachments

Sort your files and save time by tagging your email attachments with Levity.
Text analysis

Analyze freelancer job posts

Levity is saving freelancers time in their job hunt by scanning thousands of job posts in seconds to find the best fits.
Text analysis

Categorize support tickets

Levity allows your customer service agents to spend more time on customers by automatically tagging incoming service requests.
Text analysis

Analyze text responses of surveys

Levity can segment your customer feedback based on the sentiment and can uncover underlying patterns.
Text analysis

Sentiment analysis

Use Levity to extract the tone of messages instantly, even on a large scale.
Text analysis

Analyze text messages

Levity sorts through incoming SMS messages, giving your employees more time with customers.
Document processing

Classify shipping documents

Levity lets you recognize the type of any shipping document without the need for developers or a project team.

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