Use Cases

Levity is the right tool when it comes to unstructured data: If your process requires you to deal with images, text, or documents, that's where other tools will go on strike.

With that out of the way, here are some examples for inspiration.
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Image processing

Visual quality inspection

Visual quality inspection helps to identify defects in your production lines early – and automatically by using Levity. Ensure the highest quality standards at a fraction of the cost and at superhuman performance.
Image processing

Auto-tag real estate images

Train your custom AI model to automatically analyze thousands of images, such as room type, home features, room conditions, and more!
Document processing

Tag email attachments

Build powerful automation and find files years after you received them by tagging your email attachments with our AI platform.
Text analysis

Analyze freelancer job posts

Freelancers are using Levity to save time during their job hunt by scanning thousands of job postings to find the ones that fit best – automatically.
Text analysis

Categorize support tickets

Levity automatically tags incoming service requests and enables your agents to spend more time with customers.
Text analysis

Analyze text responses of surveys

Segment your customer responses into positive, negative, and neutral answers. Train your algorithm to uncover underlying patterns by intent or urgency.
Text analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes. Use Levity to extract the tone of messages instantly and at scale.
Document processing

Classify shipping documents

Automatically recognize the type of any shipping document. No developers, no project team – just you and a few examples for each type to get started!

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