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Levity automatically tags incoming service requests and enables your agents to spend more time with customers.

Why bother?

Customer service agents spend a lot of time tagging tickets, be it for productivity or measurement purposes. By applying Levity's machine learning platform, you can enhance this process greatly: rather than manually tagging each single request, the machine will automatically apply the right tags depending on subject and body of the request.

You can choose to use our pre-built models, e.g. for sentiment analysis, urgency, or language detection, or create a custom model to detect products, departments, or topics specific to your business.

This allows you to significantly speed up the process, thus freeing up time of your coworkers and employees, and paving the way for additional automation.

Our system can be directly integrated with your customer service software of choice.

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Reduce your backlog and take charge of your processes

Employees spend a ton of time on rerouting tasks
Delegate tasks based on expertise – instantly
Urgent requests disappear into the mountain of data
Handle situations with the right mindset in real time
When everything is important, prioritisation becomes difficult
Automated ticketing creates easy communication, keeps you organised and solves problems.

Automate what you couldn't automate before

Levity starts where rule-based automation ends
The next wave of automation software

Time value of money

Automate manual, mundane sorting tasks

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Proactive management

Be proactive – respond to high-priority tickets in real-time

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